• Removes dead skin cells naturally,
  • Deeply penetrates into pores & renews skin through peeling,
  • Maintains dry & oily skin – tones & tightens skin leaving it soft & smooth , 
  • Performs a massage on the body, boosting circulation, fighting inflammation, activates lymphatic drainage,
  • Restores healthy skin & removes skin imperfections like pigmentation, skin bumps, from your skin’s surface & stimulates regeneration of skin cells,
  • Perfect for removing false tan,
  • Can be used with just warm water or your favourite body wash,
  • Perfect for skin preparation prior to false tan application, 
  • Suitable for all skin types,
  • Suitable for all genders, 
  • Hygienic, 
  • Reusable,
  • Eco-friendly.

How to use:

Wet the Buff with warm water, glide across your body in circular motion. Can be used on dry skin (exfoliator side). Use soft side for gentle body cleansing & exfoliating side for removal of dead skin cells and false tan.

Who is it for?

Formulated for all skin types and like all Bloom products, it is cruelty free. Unisex.

How to clean:

We advise to wash Body Buff with antibacterial soap and warm water before first use and to hand-wash it with antibacterial soap directly after every use. You can wash Body Buff once a week in the washing machine at 60* celsius or under. It is advisable to replace your Bloom Body Buff every 8-12 weeks of use (depending on frequency of use).