Geometric Wax Burner

€6,80 €17

Our Geometric Wax Burner is easy to use and provides great benefits for your home such as fresh scents calming your emotions, relieving anxiety & fatigue.

Our burners are suitable for your home, yoga room, hotel, restaurant, toilet & a great addition to any home office.

13.5cm x 8cm - Base

10.3cm x 2.3cm - Tray

50ml - Volume


Inject some style to your home with this 2 in 1 geometric tea light holder that turns into a wax melter with the added ceramic plate. 

Use tea light alone to burn your scented tea lights or add the ceramic plate on top to melt your scented wax melts.

Use on flat surface 

Use either the Felt, Starburst or Striped Candle Holder under the Tea Light Holder for extra protection of your table surface 

The ceramic wax melter holds approximately 50ml of melted wax. To prevent any hazards, it is advised to use half way. 

  • Handmade, Iron Tray, Ceramic Tray
  • Ceramic Tray Capacity: 50ml
  • Colour: Black/White Base with White Ceramic Tray (As Pictures Show)
  • Dimension: 13*5cm x 8cm (Approx)

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